The sustainable asset solution for your
Aircraft Asset Management

The sustainable asset solution for your
Aircraft Asset Management

Empower your digital transformation now

LISA is the sustainable asset management solution for Airlines and Lessors, enabling digital transformation and leveraging the opportunities of the latest technologies.

The web-based software solution is serving Airlines and Lessors to process and safely store historic and actual aircraft data in an economically efficient and effective way, processed by next generation AI technology, machine learning and big data handling in line with ATA SPEC 2500. The intuitive platform provides essential information and protect your asset with secure data and document storage, accessible from any device.

What you get

With LISA you’ll have an aircraft asset management solution, that combines financial, regulatory and technical aspects of aircraft and translating the technology of tomorrow in todays possibilties.

  • Simplified, digitized data processing based on Spec 2500
  • Artificial Intelligence reducing manual input and errors
  • Machine Learning that reducing time, costs, and facilitates decision-making
  • Cloud based Big Data handling and assessment
  • Back-to-birth data availability based on Digital Ledger Technology
  • Digital Twins of Aircraft for maximum comprehension of your asset
  • 360° consideration of the aircraft lifecycle

A lean, AI-based system built with the technology of tomorrow,

  • Automated data collection & OCR recognition
  • Automated data structuring
  • Continuous data collection
  • Integrated communication tool
  • 360°perspective efficiency in focus

Aircraft Records Management

  • Document Workflows
  • OCR Scanning
  • Extensive Document Search Function
  • Extensive Document Labeling
  • Query Management
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning

Asset Management

  • Financial Evaluation
  • Maintenance Reserve Management
  • Fleet Optimization

Complete Records Availability

Legacy processes handling physical documentation lack the accuracy of complete documentation related to services performed by MRO’s, creating huge burdens and unexpected cost for operators when aircrafts are transferred years later.

The LISA software provides AI and ML solutions to review the document content and raise flags to indicate gaps of documentation at the time when documents are stored within 24h after upload.

Structured Data

Today’s workflows and processes mainly focus on storing the documentation on a time-line as maintenance activities have been performed and documentation provided. Unstructured data is stored electronically without further value creation.

LISA performs real time data structuring and accuracy review immediately, creating the delivery bible based on industry standard IATA 2500 Spec, and ensuring an all-time up to date documentation at a fingertip.

Cost Savings

Aircraft transitions are generating high cost at operators as documentation is uncomplete and unstructured, requiring specialists cleaning up the documentation and generating the respective statuses and delivery bible.

With LISA transition, the automated document assessment and structuring with AI and ML solutions are creating cost savings of up to 65% from actual processes plus cost savings in unplanned material expenses saving between 2.5 – 4.0 m USD. for each aircraft transition.

Improved Data Quality

Stand-alone document management systems not linked to any technical information systems are storing documentation without ensuring data and document quality is adequate and lack of missing transparency and completeness.

The LISA software linked to technical information systems is comparing the content of the work orders with the performed maintenance information contained in the documentation, raising flags to indicate the gaps and data errors.

Efficiency Increase

Aircraft maintenance document management and aircraft transition projects creating massive disturbances for airlines and lessors likewise, as organizations lack resources and show deficiency of knowledge.

LISA is closing this gap and supporting airlines and lessors with up to 65% efficiency increase in internal and external activities by providing solutions for an efficient records management, document structuring and gap analysis on the fly.

Always up to date

Accessible from any device

The platform is hostet and operated in a Swiss cloud and is taken care of by AMROS’ dedicated team of aircraft technical specialist.

Know your asset

Know what your asset really is worth

Our platform ensures maximum asset control and asset preservation, generating increased aircraft remarketing values and extended revenue streams by optimized asset utilization, while reducing overhead cost and protecting significant transition expenditures through predictive maintenance advice related to contractual aircraft conditions.

Save costs

Let artificial intelligence work for you

LISA’s automated processing of maintenance documentation at the time it is generated, enables an efficient asset and document management, resulting in fast asset transfers with significant risk reductions on unexpected and hidden cost.

„With LISA®, AMROS Global combines their know-how as a CAMO and more than 500 performed aircraft transitions with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This generates synergies along the value chain of an aircraft transition, increasing efficiency, accuracy and reducing costs for both airlines and lessors”. Eros Tavani, CEO AMROS Global
AMROS Global / Eros Tavani, Chief Executive Officer
AMROS Global has performed multiple asset management projects for us in the last 3 years. Not only were they able to help increase our know-how, but also generated substantial cost savings. They are a trusted partner who always delivers in an efficient and professional manner, with a customer-oriented approach.
Swiss International Air Lines / Star Alliance
I am sure that without AMROS‘ collaboration the final result would not have been the same. Thank you very much to the entire AMROS team for the huge support provided, as a company we are immensely grateful for the 24/7 support delivered to accomplish this difficult task.
Latam Airlines Group / Oneworld
After good experiences in the past, Edelweiss Air has decided to cooperate again with AMROS Global. AMROS Global was heavily involved in phase-in, phase-out and check monitoring and they always work to our full satisfaction. Having a competent partner at our side enables us to fulfill our high safety standard, to save money and to deliver the aircraft on time to the operation.
Edelweiss Air / Lufthansa Group
Great work, we couldn’t have achieved this delivery without you
Acropolis Aviation (UK) Ltd. / Jonathan Bousfield, the CEO
On behalf of the entire GOAL team I would like to thank you all for you for your great work, kind support and the friendly relationship. Your dedication to us, as your customer, was always present and we felt that you always took very good care of us and our assets.
GOAL German Operating Aircraft Leasing GmbH & Co. KG. / Christoph Peppel- Head of Technical at GOAL